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Bimetal Bushing
Model No.: HJB034
HJB034 is a high tin and aluminum based bushing, which adopts steel as backing and is coated a lining of AlSn20Cu through rolling treatment. It is a fairly good fatigue resistance, load capatity and good anti-corrosion and also performs well in bearing's sliding properties. It is widely applied under high speed and low load such as in internal combustion engine, air compressor and cooling machine.
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Steel-bronze Alloy Bearing
Model No.: HJB035
HJB035 bearing material is a ideal replacement for HJB090. It's based on steel backing with bronze alloy CuSn6.5P0.1 sintered on the surface. Comparing with HJNB090, this bearing material largely reduces the cost. Furthermore, its steel backing provides higher hardness and yield strength which enable it to achieve better assembly effect.
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Bronze Bushing
Model No.: HJB090
HJB090 is a kind of bushes wrapped by bronze strip. The bronze is of particular formulation with high specific gravity and on its surface may be incorporated with spherical of diamond shaped indentations or oil grooves as required by customers. It is of high load capacity and long life. In place of traditional bronze bush, it is more cheap and more compact. It is widely applied in hoisting machines and other construction machines, automobiles, tractors, trucks, machine tools and some mineral engines.
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Bronze Bushing
Model No.: HJB092
HJB092 bronze bushing is based on bronze CuSn8.3P0.3 and evenly distributed drilling oil hole on itsbody. When in assembly, oil or grease should be stored in the holes before bushing is sealed from both ends. HJB092 has the advantages of abundant oil storage, easy-to-assembly, machine compactness etc. It can replace the conventional whole copper sleeves thus to save much cost. It is mostly applied under middle load, low speed such as in convey machine, hoisting machine, windlass, aligning machine etc.
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Solid Lubricant Bushing
Model No.: HJB08G
HJB08G is a kind of steel-lead bronze alloys based bearing which is embedded with particular formulation of solid lubricants. Owing to the high strength, high load capacity and the spirally distributed diamond type of the embedded solid lubricant, the high temperature lubricating action and wear resistant action as extraordinary exploited. The lubrication area of the bearing surface is being about 25%. This type of bearing is particularly applied in starting motor for automobiles, generators, hoisting machines, various cranes and those machines in metallurgical industry.
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Solid Lubricant Bush
Model No.: HJB09G
HJB09G is based bronze material and embedded with solid lubricants in its diamond or round shape pockets which are evenly distributed on its inside layers. It has almost the same performance and application condition with HJB08G.
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Solid Lubricant Embedded Bushing
Model No.: JDB-1
Can be used low, middle and high load. When under high load, wear peformance degrades accordingly. It's a general-purpose product and be applied under low or high pressure, low or high temperature, and oil, water or dry lubrication. Can be applied in consistent cast machine, rolling machine, conveyor equipment; plastic injection machine, high voltage switch; hoisting supporter, hydraulic gate supporter; paper-making machine, automobile die etc.
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Bronze Embedded Bushing
Model No.: JDB-2
JDB-2 is also one type of JDB series. It is base on bronze CuSn6Pb3 and evenly embedded with a solid under low load, high temperature and middle speed, e.g. gemel is furnace gate, cosnvery way of the baking furnace, light industry and tooling machine industry etc.
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Material and Bronze Embedded Bushing
Model No.: JDB-3
JDB-3 has almost the same constructure as JDB-2. Suitable for lowload position, wear performance worsens when under middle or high load. The mating layer is same as JDB-2 so that more cost-saving than JDB-2 whereas compression strength increases and weldable. Most suitable for dry position in construction, metallurgical machines, conveyor machines etc.
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Cast-Iron Embedded Bushing
Model No.: JDB-4
JDB-4 is based on cast irom HT250 and embedded with solid lubricant. Very good performance when under low load. Not suitable for middle and high load. A typical cost saving material, can substitute JDB-2 to be applied in the position without high requirements such as die guider, plastic injection machines etc.
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