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Material-Based Bushing
Model No.: JDB-5
JDB-5 is reinforced product of JDB series. It is based steel Gcr15 adn embedded with solid lubricant. It is of high compress strength and particularly suitable ofr supporting position in hoisting machines, e.g. The support or stand of windlass and of crane. But it should not be appliedin water or in acid/alkali circumstance. Can be used under low, middle and high load. Due to its superb high hardness, when under high load, it overperforms than other JDB type. Not suitable for water, acid, ahkili circumstances. Most suitable for the supporting position of hoisting machine, e.g. bulldozer supporter, hoister supporter, reeling machine supporter etc.
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Solid Bronze Turned Bushing
Model No.: JDB-1U
JDB-1U takes oil in inner grooves to work. It can be used in low speed because of larger load, longer life and higher HB than Al-Cu bearing. Now JDB-1U is mostly used in gear cases and joint parts of grabs.
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PTFE Soft Strips
Model No.: FR
FR is a composites material with bronze wiremesh as frame and calendered with a film of filled poly tetrafluoroethylenne. This is of low friction and low wear, and is rather soft and is to be applied readily by inserting between the two rubbing metal surfaces, and can fulfill the ideal aim of no noise, no lubricating, no maintenance and no pollution. At present, this is applied in those mechanical elements under relatively low load and low speed. Such as in textile machines, spherical bearings. Automobile door hinge and the operating rod for cars.
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Sintered Bronze Bushing
Model No.: FU-1
FU-1 sintered bronze bushing powder is mold pressed under high pressure and then sintered under high temperature, and oil is soaked into the homogeneously spreaded tiny pores of the metal under vacuum. Fu bearing can withstand dry condition in medium speed and low load for sometime. Moreover it is cheap and stable in dimension. This is widely used in domestic electric and electronic machines, electric tools, textile machines, chemical engineering machines, automobiles and official business machines.
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Sintered Iron Bushing
Model No.: FU-2
FU-2 sintered iron bushing power bearings can protect shaft with oil. They've anti-friction same as bronze power bearings under low load. They're widely used in textile machines, electric tools and absorbers of auto and motorcycle. When being static, they can be acted as orientation bushing.
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Sintered Bronze-iron Bushing
Model No.: FU-3
FU-3 sintered bronze-iron bushing have the advantages of FU-1 and FU-2. The proportion of iron and bronze can be designed by customers' different requests. It can reduce cost but satisfy customers.
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Bronze Soft Strip
Model No.: FD-1
FD-1 soft strip is based on PTFE and mold pressed and sintered into lubricants mainly copper etc. It is of low friction, low wear. Its tensile strength can meet the motion of mono piston ring.Due to its low friction, FD-1 can be applied under oil or without oil and so it's the best choice of auto damper, piston ring. At present, it is adopted in a lot of China autos such as Audi, Volkswogen, Cetiron etc and it maintains low friction long-termly.
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Graphite Soft Srtip
Model No.: FD-2
FD-2 soft Strip is based on PTFE and filled with graphite and other lubricants which are milled, pressed and finally sintered into PTFE basis. This material is of good elasticity, low friction coefficient, high wear resistance. It fits to be used together with metal backing. It proves excellent friction-wear performance on the damper piston,such as in Volkswagen, Buick auto etc, through the process of FD-2 covering onto metallurgical powder part.
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Modified Soft Strip
Model No.: FD-3
FD-3 modified soft strip is based on PTFE and filled into specific lubricant through a combination of mold pressing and sintering. It is of high wear resistance, good anti impactness and good performance in airproof. At present it is widely applied in flow pump of the greasing machine and ring seal etc.
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Marginal Lubricating Lead-Free Bushing
Model No.: HJB02Y
HJB02Y Non-lead boundary lubrication bearing is improved on the basis of HJB02X. It can be applied to the field where non-lead is required. Now it's widely used in textile machines, auto operating parts and other middle speed,middle load and grease lubrication occasions.
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